Tuesday, July 18, 2023

The Cleveland Browns Add White Lids to Their Kits

 By John Turney 
Today the Cleveland Browns return to their All-American Football Conference roots by adding a white alternate helmet to their uniforms.
Marion Motley (l) wearing the original home uniform of the Cleveland Browns

In the 1940s the helmets didn't have a stripe but a modern adaptation like a brown-orange-brown stripe actually helps. 

We look forward to seeing them.

Good Job.


  1. BW ...

    They looked better on Marion Motley ... will Chubb be forgotten on offense this year ? Lets hope Watson gives him the ball ...

  2. Those white helmets should be the norm (not the jerseys, though).

  3. Like the orange helmets better. The ones with the number on the sides. These are okay but do not inspire me