Thursday, July 20, 2023

The Colts New Alternate Uniforms Are Very Odd

 By John Turney 
Today the Indianapolis Colts released a new alternate uniform called "Idiana Nights" that features a black helmet and a blue jersey with a heather look.
The heathering is a mix of royal blue and what looks to be turquoise or Carolina blue. It is the first of it's kind in the NFL and it's a fail. 

There just seems to be no point in making an NFL jersey look like a T-Shirt you can get at any department store. It's simply Nike being too smart by half and the kind of thinking that causes so many of their uniform designs to be replaced after five years—the soonest they can be.
Nike strikes again. 

There are horizontal double stripes on the shoulder rather than the signature UCLA loops. That is a little similar to the old Texas A&M jerseys, though they had Northwestern stripes. It's okay, it's not the Colts
but it's not awful.

The black helmet is just the way of the world. If you are going to turn a helmet black this is the only way to do it. Make everything the same but with white trim.

They just seem odd. Not good. Call it a D+. Not Rams no-curl horn bad, not Bucs' digital clock numerals bad. All those were an F. These are not that bad.


  1. it's Jimmy Irsay's team...used to be his daddy (drunk b------d) Bob's team.... so of course their new unis are awful....a pastiche of mishmash.....

    1. BW ...

      With one owner out the door in Washington, it would be great if Irsay, Haslem, Spanos, and Bidwell followed suit .

    2. Wont never happen with Jones ... Jones always makes money for his partners ... Like Hyman Roth

    3. "Hyman Roth".....simply the most apt summation of Jerry Jones ever articulated.....THIS guy is why the HoF selection committee have zero credibility.

  2. I hate the black helmets with the horse shoe