Sunday, July 23, 2023

The Titans' Oilers Throwbacks Are Terrific

 By John Turney
The Tennessee Titans revealed their new throwback uniforms and they are great. Again, they have something in common with the good uniforms released over the past few years and nothing in common with the bad ones.

What is that?

These were the 1970s uniforms and Nike had zero to do with them. All the bad uniforms were ones that Nike designed. 

Great job by the Titans organization. 

Here are some shots.


  1. From Brian wolf ...

    Haha ... they better not wear these too often or the fans will want them every week. I never liked the team going to darker colors ...

  2. (fromJholtgym)…those look really nice, but I wonder how the fanbase could get excited about a team representing a different city with a different name?

    1. The Oilers played in Tennessee.

    2. BW ...

      Till 98' ... man, I miss those uniforms ...

    3. I thought there was nothing wrong with the name Tennessee Oilers.