Monday, September 24, 2018

What are the Odds?

By Nick Webster
Sherman being helped off. Credit: Fox Sports
Richard Sherman and fellow corners Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib went down with injuries this past Sunday, the first two both suffering calf injuries and Talib with an ankle injury.  
Peters being helped off. Credit: Fox Sports
Talib grasping his ankle. Credit: Fox Sports
What else does this trio share in common? 

It's this—of all the active NFL corners who have faced 200 or more targeted passes they rank, in that order, first, second and third in interceptions percentage—the portion of targeted passes that they intercept.  

In fact, Richard Sherman’s interception rate of 6.7% is the third-highest in the NFL since 1995. Some guy named Deion Sanders is the overall leader, and right behind Sherman at #4 is Rod Woodson—nice company.

Now, keep in mind, these figures don’t include Deion and Rod’s first few seasons as the figures on targeted CB’s wasn’t available back then, but its clear that in this trio we’re talking about three of the best in the game and—at least in Richard Sherman—a player who’s already an all-time great. Some context for that, over 7 complete seasons now Sherman has allowed a passer rating that is lower that JaMarcus Russell’s career passer rating.

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