Monday, July 6, 2020

Nike's Top Ten NFL Uniform Feature Fails

By John Turney

We've criticized Nike's NFL uniform program before but today we'll pick out the top ten specific fails of their designs—the ones that were really egregious and had to be changed or will be changed when the NFL rules allow it.

1. Jacksonville's Gradient Helmet (uniforms already changed)
Just a fail. The who kit was a fail, changed as fast as the rules allowed.

2. Rams "Wave Horn"
Another fail, but some hardcore fans are onboard. Polls show few like it, come think it's a "C" some think it's a crescent moon. Rams literature says it's a wave. It's not a ram horn. It IS a fail. 

3. Browns Wordmark on pants (uniforms already changed)
Browns whole uniform set is back to the traditional look. A total Nike fail. 

4. Buccaneers Digital Clock Numerals (uniforms already changed)
Like the Browns and Jaguars, the Bucs whole uniform concept reverted to traditional look (pre-Nike). A total fail.

5. Falcons Gradient uniform
A brand new look and already mocked by the uniform community. "The 1990s called and they want their gradient look back" and so on.

6. Titans numeral set
Lots wrong with Titans new uniforms. Likely changes coming when rules allow. Another Nike fail. 

7. Dolphins number set (already changed)
These numbers already changed to a more traditional block look. A fail.

8. Jet 'New York' Wordmark on Chest, Rather than team name
Not offensive, but odd. Most teams have the nickname (Jets, for example) on the chest. Not the city name. And they play in New Jersey.

9. Rams Sunburst on sleeve
Not to mention the light grey uniforms, why not a ram horn in the shoulder, like the blue jersey? What is with the sunburst? Add in the odd placement of the wordmark. Lots wrong with Rams new kits. Lots of changes, we suspect, in five years.

10. Lions Northwestern stripes on helmet and pants
Northwestern stripes, a tradition on Lions uniforms (a thick stripe with two narrow stripes on either side) look great. But not on the helmet and pants. They are traditionally alternated. They belong on the jerseys and socks. Not on the helmet and pants. Contrast, not repetition, is the hallmark of a great uniform. Something Nike designers may not have been taught in design school. 


  1. I hated that Jax helmet ... Called them the sh**t flies ... and I am sorry but light grey pants for the Rams aint gonna cut it ...

    Almost all of these uniforms suck, especially the Titans

    Thank God for vintage 50s - 70s NFL Films ... those were uniforms

  2. some of this crap looks like "World Football League" junk from the 70s....teams ought to get fans to debate/discuss/decide on unis.....Brian's got it right....50s-60s....soooo many terrible current choices.....

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