Monday, July 6, 2020

Top Ten Nike Feature Successes

By John Turney

Okay, to be fair, here are some things Nike got right since 2013 when they became the exclusive uniform maker of the NFL (and we will include the uniforms they made prior to that)

1. Chargers Uniform set

2. Colts Number Set

Changes from block to block with a serif. Not sure it was Nike's idea, but they are the maker of the uniform and it looks good. So, we give them credit.

3. Seattle Uniform Set
Not crazy about the grey or lime green color rush but overall, good navy color with "action green" accents.

4. Vikings Uniforms (home)
The "hull" numbers are good, the matte color was wrong at first, but has been corrected. A good look with updates. Could use a bit more gold for accents, though.

5.  Color of Rams blue
The Rams "royal" is good. The number set is not good, the gradient is from the 1990s as is the rounded shape. The "sol" or yellow may be too fluorescent but will withhold judgment until we see it under natural light. But from what we can tell, the blue is good.

6. Browns new uniforms
Would rank higher, but like Chargers, are not a Nike design, but are the classic design. 

7. Buccaneers new (old) uniforms
Same as Browns. A good look. Always a fan of the Pewter Power. 

8.  Lions Honolulu blue
Like the Rams, Nike got the color right for the blue jerseys

That's about it. Cannot come up with ten. Eight good features. Well done. 


  1. the Chargers should forever wear "Lance Alworth-John Hadl 1963 blue....the Colts block/serif is a change for the IndyThieves that was used by the BALTIMORE franchise with the "Colts" name in the 1950s....the Browns are supposed to look like that....somebody was thinking when that reversion was made....John, respectfully disagree with Seattle....they looked best when Steve Largent was popping Steve Atwater in the face

  2. Youre right Jim ... not a fan of Seattles lime green look, I like the older look as well but dont mind the mid 2000 Hasselbeck uniforms either ...