Monday, November 1, 2021

2021 Mid-Season All-Pro Team—Set in Jello

 By John Turney 
Hard to find linemen so far this year, lots of injuries, illnesses, and lack of playing time in preseason seems to have caused a lack of cohesion early in the season. However, they seem to be coming around now.

Other positions are pretty easy. We expect plenty of changes between now and the end of the season because many picks were close and things can change pretty quickly in the NFL. 

The defensive positions are very tight and though we won't be listing them there are a lot of honorable mentions in the defensive fronts and linebackers and there are a few quarterbacks that are certainly worthy of well.

So, the season's end All-Pro will have more things sorted out. 
Quinnen Williams (4.5 sacks, strong interior presence) and Maxx Crosby are honorable mentions on the defensive line, Williams behind Heyward and Leonard Williams (45 tackles, 5.5 sacks). Leonard Williams almost edged out Cameron Heyward (50 tackles, 2 sacks, 5 deflected passes) but Heyward has been so strong this year.

We looked closely at Sebastion Joseph-Day the Rams nose tackle, but after an exceptional start, he's faded that last month. The same for Maxx Crosby (5 sacks, 19 hits), although he has not faded really, he still puts good pressure on the quarterback it's just that Nick Bosa (7 sacks, 5 TFLs, 15 hits) is better. Myles Garrett (10.5 sacks, 20 QB hits) is on pace for 20 sacks. We'll see if he gets there. 

Haason Reddick (7.5 sacks, 5 TFL vs the run) was third in our 30 edge category. Tremaine Edmunds, Demario Davis, and Devon White are right there with Campbell and Warner, everyone is just neck-and-neck

Darius Leonard and Quincy Williams are the off-the-ball -type 'backers—whether a SAM or a WILL. We'd like to put Williams on the First-team but Leonard is one of the top four or five defenders in the NFL (behind Donald. Garrett, Ramsey, and Simmons) in our view so Quincy is stuck on the Second-team. We still like Xavien Howard at Miami and Tre'Davious White of Buffalo. Jordan Porter of Buffalo is worthy as well. 

Jalen Ramsey is a corner, nickel (star), even some linebacker. Derwin James is the star for the Chargers and plays right safety in their base. 

The receivers were pretty easy five or six stood out and then there were some good ones. Cooper Kupp is averaging 115.5 yards per game, third-best in Rams history so far, and could smash a lot of records if he stays on his pace.
Chart credit: Pro Football Reference

Ja'Marr Chase has been great and could threaten rookie records. Adams is so fun to watch as is Samuel. 

Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Matthew Stafford could all make a claim for the quarterback slot. The end-of-the-year All-Pro running back slot is now up for grabs with Derrick Henry out but Jonathan Taylor has the momentum. We will see if he sustains in beginning this Thursday.

The next two months will be fun. There are 4-5 excellent teams in the NFC and in our view a few in the AFC. 

We'll give the final All-Pro team after the 17th game along with an All-Rookie team by Chris Willis of NFL Films


  1. Though Taylor for Indy is coming on strong, I still believe Chubb is the difference maker in Cleveland, with Mayfield dealing with injury. Unfortunate injury for Henry in TN. His career was really gaining Eric Dickerson/Earl Campbell type momentum and hopefully he can pick up where he left off next year. I am glad the Titans picked up Adrian Peterson. He isnt the same back of course but wants to play and deserves another oppurtunity, after not being used enough for the woeful Lions last year ...

    1. Henry had outside shot at MVO--OPOY but that's over, a Qb was liekly to get it anyway, but would have liked to see a RB in the mix

      now, who knows who the All-Pro RB will be...a lot of games left

  2. Very intriguing list here. What are your guys thoughts on Tyron Smith's year that he is having and also Rashawn Slater of the Chargers?

    By the way if you guys dont see me on Twitter its because they banned me for some reason. I have no idea why. Very unfortunate.

    1. what was you Teitter handle---I used to see you, but cannot remember the exact address

      Rashawn Slater will likely be all rookie---Smith is in the top 5, but again, keeps getting nicked, having a good year... we will watch a lot of thse guys and see how the year finishes

  3. Yeah I was on it as Alen (still unbroked by mpallasnfl) and the handle was rafael reed15.

    I guess Im actually suspended, not banned so I could try to appeal this. Its unfortunate because i enjoyed the conversations and banter a lot.

    But yeah Slater looks really good already and you love to see it because oline and tackle is starving for good young players. Oh and just realized you didn't mention Wyat teller of Cleveland. His run blocking is just terrific.

  4. Agreed Nick. I just see Quincy makings lots of plays and looks like a guided missile out there!