Friday, October 21, 2016

There Goes Les Josephson Number Thirty-four, No, Make That Number Thirty-five for a Touchdown!

By John Turney
In Week 3 on October 1, 1967, when the Los Angeles Rams visited the Cotton Bowl in Dallas to play the Cowboys, Rams running back Les Josephson wore two different numbers during the game.

He wore number 34, his usual number to open the game, but when he scored his 17-yard touchdown he wore uniform number 35.

Credit NFL Films, Fair use claim for education and criticism
We are not sure if this is the only time for this to happen, our best guess is likely not. But this is one case that is documented. A tackle by Dallas safety Mike Gaechter tore the jersey and since they were on the road and since the blue jerseys were not the Rams primary jersey, wearing it only on the road when opposing teams wore white it is possible they didn't have a backup #34 for Josephson to wear.

This is the play the #34 jersey was torn off
Here  he is in #35 scoring a touchdown
If you know of other incidents let us know in the comments section below.

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