Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The NFL's Long Distance Bombers—Kickers

By John Turney
Two years ago we posted this same chart, noting the most accurate kickers from 50 yards and beyond. At that time (through 2016) Matt Prater was tops on this list, making 80% of his 50+ yard kicks. He's dropped to .754 and Robbie Gould has jumped to the top spot going from .742 to .784. We are sure the Bears fans are wishing they had kept Gould.

Here are the current top 25 of All-Time—

For comparison sake here are the pre-1980 leaders—

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  1. fascinating stuff as usual John.....of course presumably anyone who follows this blog understands that the significant expansion of rosters and therefore specialisation is arguably the significant factor in improvement.....I'm biased of course towards guys who "actually played" other positions in addition to kicking....a cursory look at your list: Mingo, Davis, Blanda, Michaels, Baker, Capilletti, Groza, Walker