Saturday, February 1, 2020

Michael Thomas the AP Offensive Player of theYear—A Rare Feat for a Wide Receiver

By John Turney
Since the AP began choosing an Offensive Player of the Year in 1972 only one wide receiver (Jerry Rice) had ever won it. That changed tonight as Michael Thomas edged Lamar Jackson in the voting 19-17.

Here are the vote listings for wide receivers since 1972. As can be seen, it's tough for even the best receivers to garner support. That is why we often use it as a "separator" when ranking wide receivers. If one can do well in this award's voting then it can put one receiver ahead of the rest of the pack.

The votes—


  1. Great year but I still thought McCaffery was MVP

    1. all those so called yards he has gained over the last 2 seasons the panthers record is 12-20 . in 1985 craig did a thousand thousand , lead his team in rush yrds , receiving yrds and rush tds they went 10-6 barley made the playoffs , get beat in the wild card game vs giants that year rice was a rookie and dropped a lot of balls . marshall falks 1,000 1,000 was a luxury not a necessity . he had holt , bruce and Akeem , him catching the ball out the backfield was ice cream and cake . cmack is the panthers running back that has to be the team best receiver due too the panthers not really having good receivers since steve smith . although a nice feat he watched the playoffs for the second year in a row at home .the last time when he didn't have all those touches his rookie year they would go 11-5 with you know who (cam) leading the way with a sad sack receiving corp .