Sunday, February 2, 2020

Super Bowl LIV Predictions

By John Turney
Super Bowl predictions are just impossible, no one knows what will happen but we all make them regardless of that fact.

So, here we go, going for the impossible—
Score—49ers 32   Chiefs 26
First-downs—49ers 24   Chiefs 22
Total Net Yards—49ers 366   Chiefs 398
Rushing Net—49ers 167  Chiefs 87
Sacks—Bosa 1.5, Clark 1, Jones 1, Armstead 1, Buckner .5

If we get within 10 either way on the yardages, we will call that a 'win'.


  1. Sorry, but the 49ers choked. Mahomes was off the whole game.

    Congratulations to the 2019 Kansas City Chiefs ...

    1. yeah he was off until the last 7 minutes 0f the game when it counted .

  2. on the direct snap play for the first down just before the Chiefs first TD, the shift and formation appeared to be similar to, if not identical to the Notre Dame "box formation" from the 1920s.....JT? Coach Troup? "everything old is new again...."....thoughts?