Saturday, February 1, 2020

San Francisco 49ers—1994 vs 2019 Lineups

By John Turney
Steve Young
The last time the 49ers won a Super Bowl was the 1994 season. The following is the usual lineups for each team—
We listed Rhett Hall as the nickel rusher in 1994, but it was an odd year in that there were several players played that role but there were several injuries to their "wave rushers" and no one had remarkable stats.
Jimmy Garoppalo
For most positions, the 1994 49ers had bigger names, even on the bench. Both had an injury at tackle, Harris Barton missed a lot of time as did Joe Staley. Both had shutdown corners in Deion Sanders and Richard Sherman. The 1994 team had far more talented wide receivers but Kittle, we think, is better than Brent Jones, though Jones was a fine tight end. 

The 2019 49ers had a trio of running backs that carried the ball whereas Ricky Watters was a guy who got the carries and also caught a lot of passes. Kyle Juszczyk is a perfect performer for the 49ers scheme but William "Bar None" Floyd was a fine fullback as well. Call it a draw.

The 2019 defensive ends are better, but while good, the 1994 defensive tackles, we think, edge the 2019 tackles. The rest of the defense, maybe the 1994 team edges the 2019 team on the back seven but don't discount the 2019 49er linebackers—They may be actually better than the 1994 version but the 2019 guys have yet to get their due. They can play.

In is an interesting comparison, who do you think has the more talented roster, adjusting for era?

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  1. John, these are inspired posts....the problem (as I'm confident you know) is that the 2019 team has risen so quickly that 'name familiarity' hasn't been established for most of the roster so it's difficult for even more informed fans to attempt to compare without that bias....Bosa and Kittle obviously stand out, but the 2019 guys simply need more exposure....more build their careers and reputations....I like this current team....but I think the 90s offense is going to do well against the 2019 defense and Jimmy G. is going to have trouble breaking down Mr. Sanders, Norton, and Stubblefield.....