Monday, March 15, 2021

Raiders to Sign Yannick Ngakoue

 By John Turney 
Published reports state that defensive end  Yannick Ngakoue will sign with the Las Vegas Raiders as a free agent. This will be Ngakoue's fourth team in three years. 

He's an interesting player in that he fits his times. He's small (6-2, 246-252 or so pounds) but can get to the quarterback (45.5 sacks in 5 seasons) and when he gets there can separate the ball from the passer (18 forced fumbles since he entered the NFL in 2016, only Khalil Mack has more). 

Heck, in 2019 he had 8 run stuffs. 

Ngakoue will be a good fit with the Raiders. They need an edge presence and can limit his snaps to keep him from wearing down. Though there have been some questionable moves by Mike Mayock and Jon Gruden, this one seems solid. It's a talent fit and a scheme fit.  

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