Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Filling out Lawrence Taylor's Career Stats

 By John Turney 
In the 1994 New York Giants Media Information Guide there was a page dedicated to the great Lawrence Taylor's career stats. We've posted a still of it plus our version of his career stats
right below it—
As can be seen, there are some differences. The tackles we use are from the gamebooks, not the coaching stats but we've posted on that before. We just prefer using the gamebooks where possible to be able to be consistent for all teams. 

We also pulled the passes defended from the gamebooks and also used highlights from game tapes to increase LT's forced fumbles from 33 to 48. We think that 48 is a more accurate figure. Seven of those forces we found from the line-by-line text of the gamebooks and eight were from game tapes highlights to break it down more specifically. 


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