Sunday, June 26, 2016

Something We Didn't Remember 1975 MNF Highlights

By John Turney
Something we didn't notice at the time. These are the Monday Night Football Highlights from the Dallas versus Kansas City game that season. They are the from the networks, NBC and CBS, not NFL Films. As we all (who are old enough) remember the MNF Highlights narrated by Howard Cosell were from NFL Films. However, we are looking into whether the whole 1975 season was like this or if it was an anomaly. Regardless, we thought you'd like a little taste of the 1970s


At 2:55 Mel Blount makes a great intercetpion on his way to an NFL-leading 11 picks. At 3:55 Po James scores a touchdown and does the "roll six" touchdown celebration.

At the end of the highlights is the All-time All-Texas team.

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