Tuesday, October 12, 2021

TUESDAY TIDBITS: Rising to the Top

By TJ Troup 
The 2018 season for the Cardinals ended with a record of 3-13. The 2018 season for the Bills ended with a 6-10 record. Here we are in 2021 and most folks would rank these two teams at the top of the league at this point. How quickly a team can rise when they find the personnel and the coaches that actually understand the game and how to win! October 17th the Cardinals will travel to Cleveland to play a team that can run the ball and score. 
Once upon a time these two teams were in the NFL East and had some dandy contests. Monday night the 18th the Bills head to Nashville to play the Titans, and yes once upon a time these two teams battled in the AFL East. Our journey for October 10th will take us to Forbes Field on a Wednesday evening in 1934. Rookie Beattie Feathers of Chicago will gain more than 100 yards rushing for the third consecutive game on his way to becoming the first 1,000-yard rusher in league history. 
John Henry Johnson
Yes, youngsters, being first is always significant. Pittsburgh and Cleveland have had a storied rivalry since 1950, and on a Saturday evening at Municipal Stadium in '64 veteran fullback John Henry Johnson hammers the Browns defense for over 200 yards, and three touchdowns to finally put a loss on Cleveland. John Henry is the first man to gain over 200 yards rushing against a future league champion. Film study also shows that the Steeler defense was innovative that night as they used a 5-man line, and nickel coverage in an attempt to limit Jim Brown, and the deep passing game of the Browns. 
Lance Alworth
Beginning on October 20th, 1963 Lance Alworth began a 26 game streak of complete dominance as a receiver. Alworth gained 2,761 yards on 131 catches and scored 27 touchdowns. The list of receivers averaging 21 yards a catch over a twenty-six game span is very short. Alworth gained over 100 yards receiving in twelve of those games, and San Diego won eleven of them. The Chargers record in the other 16 games(Lance missed two games) was 8-6-2. Talk about a difference-maker. 

When the Bills took the title away from the Chargers in December of '64—San Diego had to come to grips that there was a team that could match them. October 10th, 1965 Lance gains 168 yards on his 8 receptions. Hadl zipped a pass to Bambi for 14 yards in the second quarter to get the Chargers the lead, and later scored again-----this time on a 52-yard pass play to put San Diego ahead 24-3. Buffalo gained just 150 net yards; their fewest since October 13th, '62 when they gained just 140 again against San Diego. No doubt Sid Gillman and his team felt they made a statement at War Memorial that afternoon, but as the season wore on many people believed they would meet again for the title. That is a story for another day.


  1. Another great article, Coach. Only you would have known that tidbit about John Henry ...

  2. John Henry Johnson was "the man"....Coach, your detailed trips down memory lane are always great to read....

  3. Arizona easily beat the Browns. Baker Mayfield is nothing without that vaunted run game of Chubb/Hunt. If they feel to reach 9 wins, I wouldnt give Baker the huge payday.