Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Clutch Passers

By John Turney
 Art credit: D Rogale
Pro Football is a wonderful site, allowing for a myriad of searches that spit out answers in moments that used to take days or more of research.

Here is a quick one we did. It's the passing statistics of all quarterbacks from 2010-2016 that occurred in the 4th quarter or overtime in games that are with 14 points, either way. meaning they could be up by up to 14 points or down up to 14 points. We could change that to 16 points since that is 2 touchdowns and 2 2-point conversions.

Here is the result:
From 2010 to 2016, any team vs. any team, in the regular season, in the fourth quarter or overtime,
scoring margin is between 0 and 14
It's likely not a surprise to see Wilson, Rodgers, and Brady atop the list. It is likely a bit surprising to see Peyton Manning at 25.

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