Monday, August 19, 2019

Johnny Blood and Mike Michalske Pick Greatest Players

By Chris Willis, NFL Films
Packers vs Giants
With the NFL's 100th season about to start PFJ looks back at some of the league's greatest players and coaches picking their All-Time Teams or greatest players. This post will look at two former Packers Hall of Famers and their picks.
First up is Johnny "Blood" McNally, who in 1971 (interviewed by Tom Butler of the Wisconsin State Journal) chose his best all-around, best offensive and best defensive players. He selected Bronko Nagurski (all-around), Sammy Baugh (offenss) and Cal Hubbard (best defense), one of his former Packers teammate.
1971 Johnny "Blood" McNally, names best players of his era

As for Mike Michalske, in 1982 he was asked by the Green Bay Press-Gazette to select his Top 5 Greatest Players of All-Time. He went with Ernie Nevers (1), Clarke Hinkle (2), Dutch Clark (3), Bronko Nagurski (4) and Mel Hein (5).
Mike Michalske, Top 5 Greatest Players of His Era, (1982, GB Press-Gazette)


  1. Don’t forget this post:

    Hein's selections:
    Center—Bulldog Turner
    Guard—Danny Fortmann
    Guard—Mike Michalske
    Tackle—Turk Edwards
    Tackle—Cal Hubbard
    End—Don Hutson
    End—Bill Hewitt
    QB—Sammy Baugh
    HB—Dutch Clark
    HB—Cliff Battles
    FB—Bronko Nagurski

  2. Thanks for posting. Hein was consistent in his all-time team, he never loaded his with teammates just opponents.

  3. Yeah, surprised not to see Ken Strong on his list, but I guess Nagurski qas just too good to leave off ...

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