Wednesday, March 14, 2018

2017 Sacks Plus Run Stuffs and 2012-17 Sacks and Run Stuffs

By John Turney
James Burgess had 10 stuffs in 2017

Derrick Kindred had 10 stuffs in 2017
Stats, LLC., has been tracking run stuffs since 1992. Run stuffs are tackles on running backs (or wide receivers on reverses or even a quarterback on a run) that result in a loss.

By adding run stuffs to sacks it gives a reasonable metric on the effectiveness of a front seven by tracking plays that end up in losses and put the opposing team behind the chains in terms of down and distance.

Here are the leaders in that metric in 2017:
Here are the leaders from 2012-17 in the same metric:
Here are the yearly leaders since 2012:


  1. How the heck did the Browns not win one game with all those stuffs?

  2. The front 7 is the only respectable unit that the Brownies have, and I actually think - over time - it will be shown to be quite a strong unit .