Friday, March 9, 2018

Trader Les Snead, Shades of George Allen?

By John Turney

In 1966 George Allen was hired by the Los Angeles Rams to be the head coach of the club but also was the de facto General Manager, with the power to make trades and he made heavy use of that power.

He sent players all over the league but mostly he drafted draft picks for players with some seasoning and experience. He simply didn't like rookies—too many mistakes, he thought.

Today's NFL is almost the exact opposite but in the last couple of years there has been, from our observation, an uptick in trades. It is not nearly like it was in Allen's era but it makes for a more interesting off-season with some of these trades being made.

In the last few days, Rams GM Les Snead and Head Coach Sean McVay have unloaded a couple of players and brought in a couple players.

The Rams traded a 2018 4th round pick and a 2019 2nd round pick to the Chiefs for cornerback Marcus Peters and a 2018 6th round pick. They also sent a 2018 5th round pick to the Broncos for Aqib Talib.

Additionally, the Rams shipped Alec Ogletree (plus a 2019 7th round pick) to the Giants and Robert Quinn (and a 2018 6rh round pick) to the Dolphins in recent days and receiving a 4th and 6th round pick from each club.

How will they turn out? In perhaps two years we will know. However, here are some of the notable trades the Rams made that involved giving draft picks for established players (trading AWAY players for picks is the subject of a future post) and how they turned out, beginning in 1964—
The Rams sent a 1964 4th round pick to the Giants for Rosey Grier, who played from 1963-66 for the Rams before he was felled by an Achilles tear which ended his career. Grier was the final piece of the Fearsome Foursome and was a leader and helped Deacon Jones perfect the head-slap. Had Grier lasted a bit longer it would be an "A" but for his four years of service and the fact that it was only a 4th rounder, give this trade a B+.

The Rams sent a 1965 2nd rounder to the Browns for tight end Billy Truax. Truax was acquired before the 1964 season and was a starter from 1966-70 for the Rams then was traded to Dallas with Wendell Tucker for Lance Rentzel who gave the Rams a few years of service. So, while not stellar, it was a positive trade. Give it a B-.

George Allen's era was complex and the deals often involved picks as well as players and an in-depth study would be needed to be entirely accurate. The can be 6th or 7th round "givebacks" that make the draft value chart closer to even or even conditional picks based on playing time. For this exercise, we'll just list the key players and the acquired and the primary picks:
 1. Choice to Vikings  (For Tommy Mason)—Mason was hurt a lot, Grade: D
 2. Choice to Packers  (For Tom Moore)—Moore excellent in 1966, then gone. Grade: B-
 3. Choice to Eagles (For Maxie Baughan)— 5-year starter, leader, Pro Bowler. Grade: A
 6. Choice to Falcons (For Mike Dennis)—of no real consequence
 8. Choice to Bears (For Earl Leggett)—of no real consequence

 1. Choice to Lions (For Roger Brown)—Expensive. Pro Bowler. Only got 3 years. Grade: B
 2. Choice to Falcons (For Ron Smith)—Got two years then traded. Grade: C
 3. Choice to Steelers (For Myron Pottios)—Like Baughan, a start for multiple seasons Grade:  A-
 3. Choice to Lions (For Roger Brown)
 7. Choice to Steelers (For Willie Daniel)—Solid nickel back, low round. Grade: A-

 2. Choice to Lions (For Roger Brown)
 3. Choice to Falcons (For Dick Absher)—traded multiple times in career. 
 3. Choice to Lions (For Milt Plum)—Backup. Grade: C
 5. Choice to Cowboys (For Coy Bacon)—Bacon became an excellent player, then traded to Chargers with back Bob Thomas for John Hadl. Grade: A

 2. Choice to Eagles (For Jim Purnell)—Became a starter in 1971 and 1972. Grade: B-
 3. Choice to Eagles  (For Alvin Haymond)—Solid special teams performer Grade: B
 4. Choice to Bears (For Ritchie Petitbon)—Two-year starter then traded. Grade: B-
 4. Choice to Redskins (For Mitch Johnson ) —Backup. Did win one NFL Player of the Week Award with the Rams. Grade:  C
 5. Choice to Saints  (For Karl Sweetan)—Backup. Grade:  C
 6. Choice to Falcons (For Rick Cash)—Backup, traded to Patriots. Grade: C
 7. Choice to Redskins (For Mitch Johnson) 

  2. Choice to Packers (For Travis Williams)—Didn't last long enough to be worth a 2nd Grade: C
  4. Choice to Saints (For Karl Sweetan)
  6. Choice to Eagles (For Alvin Haymond)
  7. Choice to Bears (For Ritchie Petitbon)

 1. Choice to Patriots (For Phil Olsen)—Olsen was 2-year starter, then a backup  Grade: C-
 3. Choice to Giants  (For Tommy Crutcher)—Didn't make team. Injuries. Grade: F
 3. Choice to Patriots (For Phil Olsen)
 4. Choice to Eagles  (For Joe Carollo)—Backup Grade: C
 5. Choice to Giants (For Tommy Crutcher)
 5. Choice to Browns (For Joe Taffoni)—Grade D-
  6. Choice to Packers (For Travis Williams)

 1. Choice to Patriots (For Fred Dryer)—played 10 years, nine as a starter. Grade: A
 3. Choice to Cardinals (for Pete Beathard)—Backup. Grade: C
 3. Choice to Lions (For Al Clark)—Started some. Grade B-

 5. Choice to Vikings (For Charlie Stukes)—Two-year started filled a hole. Grade: B+

 3. Choice to Bears (For Greg Horton)—Never a starter. Not worth investment  Grade: D-
10. Choice to Bears (For Greg Horton)

 4. Choice to Eagles (For Tom Dempsey)—Two-year kicker, good distance, missed a lot of PATs. Grade: B-

 5. Choice to Chargers (For Ed Flanagan)—Didn't make team. Grade: F
 6. Choice to Bucs (For Dan Ryczek)—Was long snapper for two seasons. Grade: B

 3. Choice to Redskins (For Eddie Brown)—Gor hurt, was the nickel back for one year Grade:C-
 6. Choice to Browns (For Oscar Roan)—Didn't make team Grade: F
 8. Choice to Cardinals (For Jerry Latin)—A "need trade" barely played  Grade: D

 2. Choice to Redskins (For Eddie Brown)
 5. Choice to Redskins (For Eddie Brown) (Rams got a 7th back)
 6. Choice to Chiefs (For Walter White)—Didn't make team Grade: F

 3. Choice to Chiefs (For Walter White)

 1. Choice to Colts (For Bert Jones)—Hurt in his first season with Rams. Grade: D-
 2. Choice to Colts (For Bert Jones)
Choice to Oilers (For Mike Barber)—Starter for two years then hurt.   Grade: B
 3. Choice to Redskins (For Henry Childs)—Contributed little.  Grade D
 7. Choice to Redskins (For Henry Childs)

 3. Choice to Giants (For Gary Jeter)—Fine designated rusher for five years.  Grade: A
 5. Choice to Lions  (For Russ Bollinger)—Backup.  Grade: B
 6. Choice to Giants (For Gary Jeter)
10. Choice to Vikings (For Ron Yary)—Backup for one year.  Grade C

 1. Choice to Chiefs  (For Gary Green)—2-year starter, then neck injury. Would be higher grade had he not been felled by injury so soon. Grade: B
 2. Choice to Browns (For Ron Brown)—Great returner, average receiver. Grade:  B
 3. Choice to Lions (For David Hill)—Excellent blocker, big part of Dickerson run game Grade: B+
 5. Choice to Chiefs (For Gary Green)
 6. Choice to Oilers (For Dwayne Crutchfield)—One-year backup  Grade: C

 4. Choice to Vikings (For Steve Dils)—Backup. Grade: C
 5. Choice to Chiefs (For Steve Fuller) —Backup. Grade: C
12. Choice to Bucs (For Booker Reese)—Brought in to fill in for injured Jeter. Grade: C-

  4. Choice to Eagles (For Dennis Harrison)—Backup. Grade: C-
  5. Choice to Chargers (For Bobby Duckworth)—Backup. Grade: C-

 1. Choice to Oilers (For Jim Everett)—Franchise QB, got club to NFCCG Grade: A-
 5. Choice to Oilers (For Jim Everett; Also Kent Hill, William Fuller to Oilers) )
 5. Choice to Giants (For Rob Carpenter)—Backup. Grade: C-
 7. Choice to Eagles (For Dennis Harrison)
11. Choice to Broncos (For Steve Busick)—Backup. Grade: C-

 1. Choice to Raiders through Oilers (For Jim Everett)
 4. Choice to Chargers (For Pete Holohan)—Was a key piece of Rams offense  Grade: B+
11. Choice to Chargers (For Jeff Walker)—Never made the club. Grade: F

 4. Choice to Lions (For Pat Carter)—Backup. Grade: C
 5. Choice to Jets (For Bobby Humphrey)—One-year starter. Grade: C

 3. Choice to Lions (For Chuck Long)—Backup. Grade: C

 4. Choice to Chargers (For Leo Goeas)—A four-year starter. Solid trade.  Grade:  B

 5. Choice to Cardinals (For Ernie Jones)—Backup. Grade: C-
 7. Choice to Chiefs (For Chris Martin)—Backup. Grade: C+

 4. Choice to Chargers (For Nate Lewis)—Never made the club. Grade: F
 4. Choice to Broncos (For Tommy Maddox)—Backup. Grade: C
 6. Choice to Chargers (For Marquez Pope)—Solid one-year starter, lost to free agency but received a 2nd round pick for 49ers as compensation. Grade: A

2. Choice to Colts (For Marshall Faulk)—Grade; A+
5. Pick to Colts  (For Marshall Faulk)
6. Choice to Packers  (for Steve Bono)—Backup. Grade: C

5    Choice to Patriots (for Mike Jones)—A one-year starter. Grade: C+
6.   Choice to Broncos (for Derek Loville)—Never made the club. Grade: F
7.   Choice to Raiders (For Paul Justin)—Backup. Grade: C

2.    Choice to Cardinals (for Aeneas Williams)—Four years of service, 2 great seasons. Grade: A

6.   Choice to Colts (for Terrance Wilkins)—Never made the club. Grade: F
6.    Choice to Colts (for John Baker)—Was needed as fill-in for injured punter  Grade: B-

7.  Choice to Patriots (for Grant Williams)—Three years service, one as starter. Grade: B

2.   Choice to Saints (for Kyle Turley)—Solid in 2003, then big-time issues. Grade: B-
6.   Choice to Pittsburgh (for Troy Edwards)—Never made the club. Grade: F
7.   Choice to Colts (for Rich Coady)—Solid backup.  Grade: B

5.   Choice to Chiefs  (for Dante Hall) Rams and Chiefs also swapped 3rd rounders. Grade: B
5.   Choice to  Lions (for James Hall) ams ended up with this pick back. Hall was solid player, a four year starter on a talent-poor Rams team. Grade:  B+

7.  Choice to Vikings (for Adam Goldberg)—Six years of mediocre service, 2 and a half as a starter. Well worth a 7th round pick, but was not a very good player. Grade:  B

The Rams traded its fifth- and sixth-round selections (138th and 176th overall, respectively) to the Falcons in exchange for Laurent Robinson and the Falcons's fifth- and sixth-round selections (160th and 196th overall, respectively). 
 5.  Choice to Falcons (For Laurent Robinson)—Two years, 14 starts. It was a low cost-trade since it just swapped picks. Grade: B-
 5.  Choice from Falcons— Brooks Foster  
 6.  Choice to Falcons (For Laurent Robinson)
 6.  Choice from Falcons— Keith Null QB—a bit of added value in trade.

St. Louis traded their 6th round pick (#180) to Ravens for Baltimore’s 7th-round selection (#228) and wide receiver Mark Clayton.
6    Choice to Ravens (for Mark Clayton)—Clayton got hurt early. Rams had to trade for him due to injury to starting receiver Donnie Avery. Grade:  B-
7 (From Baltimore) Jabara Williams, OLB

5    Choice to Denver (for Brandon Lloyd)—Another necessary trade, was decent for one year with Rams. Grade: B-

4    Choice to Tampa Bay (for Mark Barron)—Barron has given Rams solid seasons. Grade: A-
6    Choice to Tampa Bay (for Mark Barron)

7.    Choice to Tennessee (for Case Keenum)—Decent backup for Rams. Grade:  B-

The Rams traded their second-round selection (56th)and CB E. J. Gaines to Bills for Buffalo's sixth-round selection (195th)and WR Sammy Watkins.

The Rams traded their fourth-round selection (124th) and second-round selection in 2019 to Kansas City in exchange for Chief's sixth-round selection (196th) and cornerback Marcus Peters.

2.    Choice to Bills (for Sammy Watkins)—jury out
4.    Choice to Chiefs (for Marcus Peters)—jury out
5.    Choice to Broncos (for Aqib Talib)—jury out
7.    Choice to Redskins (for Derek Carrier)—jury out

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