Tuesday, July 23, 2019

PFJ's All Pre-WW II Era Team

By John Turney
Over the past eight days we've posted the NFL's top players from the pre-WWII era. The articles were written by Chris Willis, a producer at NFL Films and the author of seven books including the upcoming biography of Red Grange.

Today we compile those choices and include Willis' choices for specialists to compose an All-Time Pre-WWII squad.
We've included both a First- and Second-team selection for T-Formation quarterbacks and also the Single-Wing era picks. And "Def" refers to defensive specialists.

Here a colorized gallery of some of the picks—
Mel Hein
George Trafton

Danny Fortmann

Ox Emerson
Cal Hubbard

Pete Henry

Don Hutson
Sammy Baugh
Sid Luckman

Bronco Nagurski

Clark Hinkle

Dutch Clark
George McAfee


  1. Chris, thanks for all your efforts in compiling these lists.....man, if heaven exists, one of the things I'd like to see when (IF) I get there is a game between your first and second teams.....wouldn't that be an experience for the ages?

  2. As an overall player, Baugh is better than Luckman, but I believe Luckman was the better T Formation QB...Still underrated, and still Chicago's best, in terms of success. Had the Bears not lost a close 21 - 28 decision to the Cardinals in 1947, Luckman would have had five championships.