Saturday, July 24, 2021

49ers to Wear 75th Anniversary Throwbacks

 By John Turney

Three weeks ago the San Francisco 49ers revealed their 1955 throwbacks that they plan to wear for 2021 and in the near future as an alternate uniform and they are nice.

When the one-shell rule is lifted they may even go with a red helmet according to media reports and that will be the icing on the cake. 

They are not what the 49ers wore 75 years ago, but the 1955 jerseys. But the 1955 jerseys are better anyway

here are a few shots (colorized) of the 1955 unis in action—

In 2018 the 49ers went with the white version of the 1955 jerseys. Both are sweet.

Excellent job 49ers.

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  1. these have always looked great and congrats to the Niners for selecting these classics...."million dollar" (or 100,000 dollar) backfield indeed!....of course, the NoFunLeague's refusal to allow the red/silver stripe helmets is par for their a word: dumb