Friday, July 16, 2021

Rams Unveil "Modern Throwback" Jerseys

 By John Turney 
After mixed reviews of last year's new uniform release, as promised, the Rams released a new jersey this year. It was met with mixed reviews but nowhere near as bad as last year.

It is patterned after the 1973-99 white jerseys. It had the yellow sleeves and the blue Rams horn over the shoulders and blue numerals but all of those features are the new versions—rounded numbers and the broken horn and will only (as far as we know) will be worn with the yellow pants.

They will be worn three times this season—

1 comment:

  1. a clumsy, callous, and calculated way to generate some cash from (ephemeral) memorabilia.....the "new" bone unis from last year were a mess....there is "no such thing" as "modern-throwbacks" (contradiction in terms).....go back to 1954-55 yellow jerseys, white pants if you want to look great....this stuff is simply a mess