Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Colts Throwbacks—1956

 By John Turney

On July 21 the Colts announced they are going to go with a 1956 throwback for the upcoming seasons. And it is a nice choice—

Here are a couple of shots from that era that are colorized—

Good job Colts.

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  1. the sentiment is good, but they've gotten the numbers and the sleeve piping completely wrong.....the REAL 1956 numbers clearly are at/below armpit height and the triple stripes below's unclear from the photo whether the serif of the numerals will be historically correct.....are they intending to put the horseshoes reduced in size and at te back? that would be a positive....of course, the REAL PROBLEM is that to do it correctly, the NFL would insist that the team be moved BACK TO BALTIMORE....put the blackbirds in Indy if necessary, but the Colts belong in BALTIMORE