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Combined All-Decade Teams - 2000s

Things You Can Never Lay Your Hands On
By John Turney
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The number of groups picking All-Decade is just five for the 2000s. The Pro Football Hall of Fame, Sports Illustrated (picked by Paul Zimmerman), Peter King of MMQB, Pro Football Reference and USA Today.

We compile this so as to show that there are other teams worth looking out. While the HOF picks will always have more gravitas, on occasion they make mistakes. One example is RonnieLott being on the All-1990s team. As great as he was, playing a few years in the 1990s really wasn't enough to be an "All-Decade" player in our view.

The teams:
2000s Combined All-Decade Teams
Position First Team Second Team
Quarterback Tom Brady, NE (HOF, SI, USA) Peyton Manning, Ind (HOF, SI, USA)
Peyton Manning, Ind (PFR, PK) Brett Favre, GB (PFR)
Running back LaDainian Tomlinson, SD (HOF, PFR, USA, PK) Shaun Alexander, Sea-Was (HOF)
Edgerrin James, Ind, Ari, Sea (HOF, PFR) Jamal Lewis, Bal-Cle (HOF)
Shaun Alexander, Sea, Was (USA) Ahman Green, GB (PFR)
Curtis Martin, NYJ (SI) Tiki Barber, NYG (PFR, USA)
Edgerrin James, Ind, Ari, Sea (USA)
LaDainian Tomlinson, SD (SI)
Fullback Lorenzo Neal (Several Teams) (HOF, PK) Tony Richardson, KC-Min-NYJ (HOF)
Tony Richardson, KC-Min-NYJ (SI) Cory Schlesinger, Det (SI)
Wide receiver Randy Moss, Min-Oak-NE (HOF, PFR, SI, USA, PK) Torry Holt, StL-Jax (HOF, PFR, SI, USA)
Marvin Harrison, Ind (HOF, SI) Marvin Harrison, Ind (PFR, USA)
Terrell Owens, SF-Phi-Dal-Buf (PFR, USA) Terrell Owens, SF-Phi-Dal-Buf (HOF)
Hines Ward, Pit (PK) Hines Ward, Pit (SI)
Tight end Tony Gonzalez, KC-Atl (HOF, PFR, SI, USA, PK) Antonio Gates, SD (HOF, PFR, USA)
Jim Kleinsasser, Min (SI)
Tackle Walter Jones, Sea (HOF, PFR, SI, USA, PK) Orlando Pace, StL-Chi (HOF, SI, USA)
Jonathan Ogden, Bal (HOF, USA, PK) Willie Roaf, NO-KC (HOF)
Orlando Pace, StL-Chi (PFR) Willie Anderson, Cin (PFR)
Willie Roaf, NO-KC, (SI) Matt Light, NE (PFR)
Jonathan Ogden, Bal (SI)
Flozell Adams, Dal (USA)
Guard Alan Faneca, Pit-NYJ (HOF, PFR, SI, USA, PK) Larry Allen, Dal-SF (HOF, USA)
Steve Hutchinson, Sea-Min (HOF, PFR, USA, PK) Will Shields, KC (HOF, PFR, USA)
Will Shields,  KC (SI) Leonard Davis, Ari-Dal (PFR)
Steve Hutchinson, Sea-Min (SI)
Mike Wahle, Car-GB (SI)
Center Kevin Mawae, NYJ-Ten (HOF, SI, USA, PK) Olin Kreutz, Chi (HOF, SI, USA)
Jeff Saturday, Ind (PFR) Kevin Mawae, NYJ-Ten (PFR)
Position First Team Second Team
Defensive end Jason Taylor, Mia-Was (PFR, SI, USA, PK) Julius Peppers, Car (HOF, SI)
Michael Strahan, NYG (HOF, SI, USA) Jason Taylor, Mia-Was (HOF)
Julius Peppers, Car (PFR) Michael Strahan, NYG (PFR)
Aaron Smith, Pit(PK) Richard Seymour, NE (PFR, USA)
Dwight Freeney, Ind (HOF) Patrick Kerney, Atl-Sea (SI)
Dwight Freeney, Ind (USA)
Defensive tackle Warren Sapp, TB-Oak (HOF, PFR, SI, USA) La'Roi Glover, NO-Dal-StL (HOF, USA)
Richard Seymour, NE-Oak (HOF, USA) Kevin Williams, Min (HOF, PFR)
La'Roi Glover, NO-Dal-StL (PFR) Pat Williams, Min (PFR)
Aaron Smith, Pit (SI) Richard Seymour, NE-Oak (SI)
Kevin Williams, Min (PK) Jamaal Williams, SD (SI, USA)
Jamaal Williams, SD (PK)
Linebacker Derrick Brooks, TB (HOF, PFR, SI, USA, PK) Joey Porter, Pit-Mia (HOF, PFR)
Ray Lewis, Bal (HOF, PFR, SI, HOF, PK) Zach Thomas, Mia, Dal (HOF, PFR, SI)
Brian Urlacher, Chi (HOF, PFR) DeMarcus Ware, Dal (HOF, USA)
Julian Peterson, SF-Sea (SI) James Farrior, NYJ-Hou-Pit (PFR)
Joey Porter, Pit-Mia (USA) Keith Bulluck, Ten (SI)
London Fletcher, Stl_Buf-Was (PK) Keith Brooking, Atl  (SI)
Mike Vrabel, NE (PK) Lance Briggs, Chi (USA)
Brian Urlacher, Chi (USA)
Cornerback Champ Bailey, Was-Den (HOF, PFR, USA, PK) Ronde Barber, TB (HOF)
Charles Woodson, Oak, GB (HOF) Ty Law,  NE-NYJ-KC-Den (HOF, USA)
Ronde Barber, TB (PFR, USA) Charles Woodson, Oak-GB (PFR, USA)
Ty Law, NE-NYJ-KC-Den (SI) Chris McAlister, Bal (PFR)
Antione Winfield, Buf-Min (SI, PK) Patrick Surtain, Mia (SI)
Troy Vincent, Phi-Mia (SI)
Safety Brian Dawkins, Phi-Den (HOF, PFR, SI, USA, PK) Troy Polamalu, Pit (HOF, USA)
Ed Reed, Bal (HOF, SI, USA, PK) Darren Sharper, GB-Min-NO (HOF, USA)
Darren Sharper (GB, Min, NO) (PFR) Ed Reed, Bal (PFR)
John Lynch, TB (PFR, SI)
Mike Brown, Chi (SI)
Special teams
Position First Team Second Team
Kicker Adam Vinatieri, NE,Ind (HOF, SI, USA, PK) David Akers, Phi (HOF, SI)
Matt Stover, Bal (USA)
Punter Shane Lechler, Oak (HOF, SI, USA, PK) Brian Moorman, Buf  (HOF, SI, USA)
Kick Returner Joshua Cribbs, Cle (HOF) Dante Hall, KC-StL (HOF)
Punt Returner Dante Hall,  KC-StL (HOF) Devin Hester, Chi (HOF)
Returner Devin Hester, Chi (USA) Dante Hall, KC-StL (USA)
Dante Hall, KC-StL (PK)
Position First Team Second Team
Coach Bill Belichick, NE (HOF, USA, PK) Tony Dungy, TB-Ind (HOF, USA)

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