Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Five Modern-Era Hall of Famers for the Class of 2017

By John Turney

Kurt Warner, LaDainian Tomlinson Jason Taylor, Morten Andersen, and Terrell Davis are the 5 modern era Hall of Fame inductees. This information in gleaned from Tweets and post from the PFRA and other sources. No list was leaked to us or anyone. However, by the process of elimination, we feel this is an accurate list.

Reports are that Paul Tagliabue is out of the running and there is no word on Jerry Jones and Ken Easley, though we suspect both the latter two are in.

Update: 5:04 PM Pacific time:  Jones and Easley are in.

Update II: 5:24 PM Pacific time:
Did Not Make Final 10
Isaac Bruce
Don Coryell
Alan Fanaca
Joe Jacoby
Terrell Owens.

Made the Final 10, but not the Final 5
Tony Boselli
Brian Dawkins
John Lynch
Ty Law
Kevin Mawae


  1. Andersen getting in is certainly a surprise. I could see a time for him to get in, but why now? Maybe I would've asked that anyway.

    T.O.'s petulant, but some of the voters are, too. In terms of what he did on the field, there's no question he's a HoFer.

    It had become inevitable that Davis was going to get, but surprising that it was the year and that there'll be two RBs in the same class. I just think he didn't have quite enough. If you're a "short career, high peak" type, I think you need around 5 years to have a good argument for the HoF. Davis has 4. Add in that you could make a good argument for him being a "product of the system" given that Denver had an assembly line of RBs putting in productive-very productive seasons after his knee injury/retirement.

    Taylor is deserving, but seems like they could've waited a year on him like they did with Strahan.

    If Coryell can't get in with Fouts in the room arguing his case for him, I don't see how he ever makes it.

    Setting up some very tough decisions at WR, O-line and S next year. Moss becomes eligible. Steve Hutchinson becomes eligible. Jacoby on his final try as a "modern era" candidate. Do they try to push Dawkins or Lynch through before Reed becomes eligible in 2019 (followed by Polamalu in 2020)?

    1. All good thoughts. I think you could be right, Coryell may be over.

  2. Someone needs to explain Boselli and Mawae both jumping ahead of Faneca to me. Law making the cut to 10 is also kind of a surprise. May have gotten a little push from NE being in the SB again.

    With Easley and Davis being voted in and Boselli coming close, seems clear that there was a push to look closer at those "short career, high peak" types. Could be argued that Warner fits this category, too.

    I wouldn't be against Boselli getting in at some point, but I'm curious as to why another LT who was "short career, high peak" hasn't gotten a push. That would be Jim Lachey. Really, Lachey's career wasn't THAT short. He played in more games than both Boselli or Dwight Stephenson.

  3. Easley over Ty Law? Check the stats. Pstriots haters are everywhere including HOF voting panel.

  4. Check the fact that they played two different positions. Check that Easley won a DPotY award and Law didn't. Check that Easley had more All-Pro nods and as many Pro Bowl selections as Law despite having a much shorter career. I think Law has enough to get in but, c'mon, he's only been on the ballot three times while Easley had to fall into the Seniors' pool before getting in.

    Man, does any fan base currently love playing the "we're so persecuted" card more than Pats' fans do?

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