Monday, May 14, 2018

Coach Specific All-Star Teams—Schottenheimer, Parcells, Reeves, and Vermeil

By John Turney

With the sad news of Chuck Knox's death, we posted an All-Star team of players who Knox coached as a head coach. 

Here is that team:

We went back and forth with Jim Haslett and Hacksaw Reynolds but finally settled on Reynolds for the First-team. Our original post had Haslett first and Haslett second.

So, to add to the fun, we chose teams for Marty Schottenheimer, Bill Parcells, and Dan Reeves. We only picked players from when they were head coaches, not when they were position coaches. These three coached at least three different teams, making this kind of exercise more interesting than those who coached only one or two teams.

See what you think, if you agree or disagree—


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  2. Drew Bledsoe over Phil Simms for Parcells ?
    Puhleeeez !!!

    1. Had to do with him getting Drew in Dallas, therefore playing for 2 teams. Close call. But why be a (*) in your response? Can't you just say "I disagree"?