Sunday, December 12, 2021

Ray Brown Should Be Getting Headlines This Week

By John Turney 
Ray Brown

All over Twitter and also mainstream sports media folks are congratulating Andrew Whitworth's turning 40 today (December 12) and his upcoming start tomorrow night which will make him the first left tackle to start a game at the age of 40.

Good for him. it is a great accomplushment.

But a companion story should be for Ray Brown. Who? Ray Brown the offensive lineman who started the whole 2004 season at right tackle for Washington at the age of 41 until he turned 42 on December 12th (yes, same as Whitworth), and then started the rest of the season at age 42.

Then, in 2005 he started a game at left guard at 42 and in the Washington season finale he started at right guard at 43.

Barely a peep has been made of those starts.

Brown played 262 games from 1986 through 2005 (19 seasons). He didn't get credit for 1991 due to being on injured reserve. In 2001 he was Second-team All-Pro, All-NFC, and made the Pro Bowl for the 49ers.

Here are the oldest players to start on each of the offensive line positions—
LT—Andrew Whitworth (40) *Will be when he starts Monday Night vs Cardinals
LG—Ray Brown (42)
C—Bruce Matthews (40)
RG—Ray Brown (43)
RT—Ray Brown (42)

Now you know of Ray Brown's place in history. But were sure are not hearing much about him.

Note: Jackie Slater started one game at age 41 in 1995. We feel that was kind of a setup to get his 20 years in. He started that game, mid-season after being out due to injury, was activated played 17 snaps, and then de-activated and didn't play again that season. A stunt. Weak.


  1. Great article! And actually Ray does have 20
    Credited seasons ๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. Ray still involved in the game, still doing it big,shot out to the big man.

  3. amazing article. thanks for sharing.