Tuesday, December 14, 2021

TUESDAY TIDBITS: "Slingin' the Ball for a Title"

By TJ Troup 
Louis Riddick, Brian Griese, and Steve Levy

The game last night was fascinating/intriguing and downright fun to watch. Though just one man's opinion, the MNF crew in the booth is just damn good, with Brian Griese and Louis Riddick at the top of their game with insights. Probably many of you take the time to study the standings, and of course check the schedule. The Washington Football Team is listed as the seventh "seed" right now, yet tied with four other teams at 6-7.

So, my first question for all of you:  Who gets that last berth in the NFC? If there is no change in the NFC standings the rest of the way the Cardinals would take on the 49ers, and the Rams would play the Cowboys—wow! For me, that would be match-ups with plenty of storylines. 

As for the AFC, we have so many teams at 7-6 that there is going to most likely be a winning team that does not make the playoffs. 

Would not even attempt at this point to state what would be the seeding in the AFC. Read online this morning in an ESPN column by Lindsey Thiry that only three men since the merger won the triple crown in receiving (Rice, Sharpe, and Steve Smith), and of course, Cooper Kupp of the Rams sure has a chance to join them. 

Since the merger? So Don Hutson and Crazy Legs Hirsch don't count? Geez, the lack of depth in doing historical research by websites is just damn sad. Will not detail the folly of Ms. Thiry's comments about the Rams inconsistency, but if she had watched them play as many times as I have this year—she would not make such a foolish statement. 
Crazy Legs Hirsh

She is welcome in my den to watch a Ram game and would answer any/all of her questions, and just might share my Dr. Pepper while my wife fixes the entry. 
Cooper Kupp

Mark my words, Cooper K. and Rams will take on the 49ers the last day of the regular season, and the game will have MEANING. Not sure how many of you will take the time to do the research, but if intrigued which division in league history has the best road record in league history? 

The NFC West is now 20-8, or simply put when on the road they win 5 of every —that is amazing to me! Possibly all four teams lose down the stretch when on the road, yet based on what has transpired so far they will all continue to win. 

December the 12, 1937, and the Redskins...oh you want me to call them the Washington Football Team? The 'Skins are returning to the title game, and have a rookie tailback named Sammy Baugh. 
1937 Title Game

The Bears led at half-time in Wrigley Field, but Sam is plenty accurate as he completes 18 of 33 for 335 yards in the Washington victory. For the sake of comparison, the '42 Steeler passers after seven games had completed 31 of 100 for 337 yards. Next week we will travel to Kezar.


  1. Coach TJ, as always, thanks for the Tuesday weekly post....agreed, Rams-Cards was a super interesting and entertaining contest and Griese and Riddick are at the tops of commentators....now to "rants"....
    1. I think you broached this tangentially a couple columns back, but sometime in the last decade or so broadcasts have started spewing (depressingly ubiquitously!) pseudo-info like "the Steelers now have a 13% chance of....making the playoffs, winning this game, scoring on this drive, etc....)....this drives me just about crazy....from where is this "info" derived? what are the variables, how are they weighted, what's the eveolving methodology?.....unless and until somebody (?) publishes a coherent explanation, it's all just fatuous nonsense.....
    1a. "info" that informs the viewer of nothing...."so and so has a 73% passing completion percentage since October...."....so?
    2. you identify it clearly, but the "since the merger" or "in the shared draft era" stuff stokes my ire in a manner lesser than but not unrelated to the theft of the Colts from Baltimore.....(I'll drop that particular rant for the moment...)...NFL football didn't "begin" in 1966 or 1970 and that stat makes about as much sense as saying "Greg Maddux is the winningest pitcher of all-time (post 1970)....ridiculous and more significant, meaningless
    3. (not a rant, but.....) Coach...coach...coach...you are so correct in exposing Ms. Thiry's lack of scholarship and so worthily identifying Don Hutson and Elroy Hirsh as fellow (pioneer!) triple crown receiving champs....however...it nonplusses me that you omitted a triple crown winner whose replica (albiet inaccurate) jersey you were wearing in a post a couple years back....I am of course referring to the 1959 receiving triple-crown champ, the great Raymond Berry.....(just mentioning it....)
    4. my wife has a cousin in Louisville and I would LOVE to meet up next time we're going to be back there....I would love to see your library (and maybe any film you'd care to share....especially anything you might have of Marchetti or Big Daddy Lipscomb....email is: jimhgym@yahoo.com should you care to contact me

  2. Redskins is fine when they were known as the Redskins.

  3. Sorry to sound cynical folks but it seems to me, everything is lining up for the Rams to win it all in LA, with the same owners who are upset about paying St Louis ridiculous money, ready to pop champagne for Rams owner Kroenke in Feb. I hope I am wrong but I don't think the Bucs will repeat --Brady hasn't done it since 2005 with NE-- and with Vegas salivating for playoff "upsets", I don't think there will ever be another back-to-back champion, so GB, Dall, or Arizona may have a chance depending on which team gets hot at the right time, IF it happens to be another team other than the Rams ...

    It usually doesnt bode well for a SB losing team like the Chiefs to get back again the next year, so a sleeper could face the Rams in the SB. Who will get hot at the right time ? Buffalo,TN,Balt,or how about the LA Chargers ? Wouldnt the networks love an LA Super Bowl ? ... Stay tuned

  4. Of course like Ron Borges has speculated, people would love to see a Tompa Bray/Mac Hoodie SB ... haha

  5. This moment "The NFC West is now 20-8" well explain. Man you have huge knowledge