Tuesday, February 28, 2017

At Least He Was Thorough

By John Turney
 Gary Myers is reporting in the New York Daily News that Terrell Owens bought a gold jacket with his NFL stats on the back.

Well, as long as it has complete stats and not just the couple of career stats repeated as a mantra by T.O. supporters, it's fine with us.


  1. I love how you list irrelevant statistics as though they're somehow relevant.

    Meanwhile...let's break out Marvin Harrison's. Worse than Owens in every area other than the irrelevant "drops" crap, which meant a difference of about 5 per year. All while playing with the same QB who made Emmanuel Sanders a household name.

    1. We all all welcome to our opinions as to whether drops are an issue. It's fine if you don't think they are relevant. But in looking at everything as to a player's worthiness to be first ballot, there are relevant in my view.

      Owens will get into HOF, but him not getting in right away is no injustice. Harrison waited 3 years and Owens waiting 3 years in no crime

  2. Also, it's funny how you condemned me before for not counting non-AP MVP awards, yet you use the HALL OF FAME all-decade team as though it is gospel. You never mention that Owens was chosen 1st team all-decade by profootballreference.

    Might have something to do with Owens being a 5-time 1st team all pro during the 00s, whereas Harrison was only twice.

    1. We are on of few outlets that list everything, however, the NFL Record and Fact book does not yet list other All-Dedcade teams and therefore they don't show up inthe player bios the HOF hands out. However, they bios do list all of the All-Pro teams we mention, and Harrison was 6-time All-Pro and 8 pro bowls and Owens was a 5-time All-Pro and 6-time Pro Bowler

      Bottom line is both are HOFers, neither were 1st/2nd ballot


  3. One last thing: in the interest of being "thorough": You know who else ranks 207th in career yards per catch at 14.8? Jerry freak'n Rice.

    1. Yes. And as I tried to explain, this is not a 2-3 stat thing. Rice was #1 in so many things, 11 time All-Pro, 13 Pro Bowls. Super Bowl rings, MVP, the ENTIRE package.

      I am sorry, Owens is NOT the entire package or even close enough to be a 1st ballot. Nor is Harrison or Carter or any of the others.

      I get that you are upset, that's okay, but if Owens was in more than 6 Pro Bowls, was First-team All-Decade or had a Super Bowl ring then MAYBE he'd not have had to wait.

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