Monday, June 7, 2021

1922 Oorang Indians Football Ads

By Chris Willis, NFL Films
Oorang Indians vs Columbus Panhandles, Oct. 8, 1922 (Marion, Ohio) (Source: Marion Star, 10-7-1922)

Today, PFJ looks back at one of the more unique teams in NFL history, the famous Oorang Indians. The Oorang team was founded by its owner Walter Lingo to help advertise his dog kennel, the Oorang Kennels, located in tiny LaRue, Ohio—a town of 800 people in the 1920's. To help him with advertising Lingo hired his good friend Jim Thorpe to coach and play for a pro football team with all Native-Americans. This team, named the Oorang Indians would join the NFL in 1922. They would be mainly a traveling team, playing in other NFL cities, except for one local game in Marion, Ohio. They would also play several other non-NFL teams across the country. 

Here are the football game ads for the 1922 season. 

October 1, 1922
Oorang at Dayton Triangles
Triangle Park (Dayton, Ohio) 
(Source: Dayton Daily News, 10-1-1922)

October 8, 1922
Oorang vs Columbus Panhandles
Lincoln Park (Marion, Ohio) 
(Source: Marion Star, 10-7-1922) 

October 11, 1922
Oorang vs Bucyrus 
Seccicumm (Bucyrus, Ohio) 
(Source: Bucyrus Evening Telegram, 10-10-1922)

October 15, 1922
Oorang vs Canton Bulldogs
Lakeside Park (Canton, Ohio) 
(Source: Canton Repository, 10-13-1922) 

October 29, 1922 
Oorang vs Akron Pros
Elk's Field (Akron, Ohio) 
(Source: Akron Beacon Journal, 10-28-1922) 

November 5, 1922 
Oorang vs Minneapolis Marines
Nicollet Park (Minneapolis, MN) 
(Source: Minneapolis Star-Tribune, 11-5-1922)

November 12, 1922
Oorang vs Chicago Bears
Cubs Park (Chicago, IL) 
(Source: Chicago Tribune, 11-12-1922)

Nov. 26, 1922 
Oorang vs Buffalo All-Americans 
(Buffalo Baseball Park, Buffalo, NY) 
(Source: Buffalo Times, 11-25-1922)

December 2, 1922
Oorang vs Durant All-Stars
(Pattengill Stadium, Lansing, MI) 
(Source: Bob Lingo collection) 

A few games didn't have full ads, but these are most of the advertisements for the Oorang Indians in 1922. 

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