Sunday, March 20, 2022

1953 Pro Football Journal All-Rookie Team

 By John Turney and TJ Troup 
Doug Atkins
Like with the 1952 Retro Team we've attempted to award rookie players from 1953. Here is the full First-team and Second-team—

Doug Atkins played left end for the Browns and was not perfect by any means but he and tom Scott were the ends that made the most plays that we saw. Joe Schmidt would be the Defensive Rookie of the Year, however. He was playing at a high level from day one for the Lions.

Three Hall of Famers debuted on the offensive line—Jim Ringo, Rosey Brown, and Bob St. Clair and of the three we think Rosey Brown was the best that year and was the best Offensive Rookie as well. 


  1. wow....look at that offensive line....I'd go to war with that first team against just about anybody....personally do not know Mr. McFadden....see in PFR he missed 54 & 55 (military service?) then a starter again in 56 then...gone? either of you know circumstances? thanks

    1. I think he quit and went to school after the Army and one year back in the NFL. Got a job with Michigan State . . . don't know anything more than that

    2. thanks there anybody who played pro football that you don't know about?

    3. of course, hundreds of researchers know more about this stuff. I am good at looking things up.

  2. I'm amazed by this rookie roster. Hall of Famers all over.

  3. Frank Gifford thought Rosey Brown was the best if not fastest, OT ever. How good did you think he was Coach Troup, the best of the 1950s ? Though St Clair would dispute that ...

    Gifford thought Brookshier was great as well but naturally thought Dick Lane was the best.

  4. ....hey Brian Wolf, gladly answer your question----Mr. Brown was elite, and could play today, you know weight training and gaining weight. Parker was a road grader as a drive blocker(none better), yet Rosey could pull and lead, and St. Vince relished going short side of the field with that play. Surprisingly, the Eagles attempted to start Rocky Ryan at corner and move Tommy B. to safety, but after watching film, Philly quickly moved Brookie back to the position he was meant to play. Best weak side corner stopping the sweep. Was watching the game in '61 when the Bears went to Philly....crowd was hushed when Brookshier laid on the ground writhing in pain. Tittle and NYG sure took advantage of the Eagles dilemma in trying to replace him.

  5. Thanks, TJ ...

    Was always curious about Pellington. Some Colts thought he was vicious and crazy, playing along time without the accolades.
    I wonder if he was truly underrated or just functional due to lack of speed but Weeb had to have liked him or he wouldnt have played so long.

  6. ....if you study film of Bill P. you will quickly realize he is never going to be all-pro/elite. Lack of speed, athleticism, and instincts----yet you keep watching and you realize you are observing a hardbitten pro who backs down from no-one, and makes tackles, plays the strong side sweep the correct way, and always, always hustles. His teammates (Hawkins), may have feared him, may not have even liked him, but was respected by all. You win with men like Pellington.