Monday, March 14, 2022

1961 UPI All-Rookie Team

 By John Turney 

Mike Ditka

United Press International NFL All-Rookie Team
OE Mike Ditka, Chicago
OE Aaron Thomas, San Francisco
OT Danny LaRose, Detroit
OT Greg Larson, N.Y. Giants
OG Joe Scibelli, L.A. Rams
OG Mickey Walker, N.Y. Giants
OC Mike Pyle, Chicago
QB Fran Tarkenton, Minnesota
HB Don Perkins, Dallas
HB Bob Gaiters, N.Y. Giants
FB J.W. Lockett, Dallas
DE Johnny Brewer, Cleveland
DE Bob Lilly, Dallas
DT Joe Rutgens, Washington
DT Ken Frost, Dallas
LB Myron Pottios, Pittsburgh
LB Fred Hageman, Washington
LB Rip Hawkins, Minnesota
CB Warren Livingston, Dallas
CB Jimmy Johnson, San Francisco
S Bob Harrison, Baltimore
S Jim Kerr, Washington
K Allen Green, Dallas
P Tom Gilburg, Baltimore

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  1. I had a conversation a few years ago with Dan LaRose....a treasured moment becuase of the following exchange: I asked him, "who do you think is better, Gino Marchetti or Deacon Jones?"....Dan thought about it for a few moments and responded..."well, Deacon came along a bit later, but let me tell you about was my rookie year, and they told me to get in at right tackle...I drop down in my stance and here's Marchetti across from me....I look up at him....and say..."hey Gino, your chinstrap is unbuckled...."...he growls at me, "It'll take more than that to keep me from whipping YOUR ass, kid!"....the ball is snapped and whoosh, he's past me...I turn and see my quarterback's cleats as Gino plants him on the turf!".....damn, pro football was SO GREAT back then....