Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Review—Majesty and Mayhem: Pro Football of the 1980s—by Tom Danyluk

By John Turney

This book is worth the money, as author Tom Danyluk's books usually are. It is available at Amazon for about $22

It contains 45 chapters, mostly shorter ones, and features the Fog Bowl, Eric Dickerson, Ronnie Lott, Doug Williams, and on and on. It also has a nice chapter on Paul "Dr. Z" Zimmerman and a section that rates the champions of the 1980s and two chapters of nothing but notable quotes and is illustrated with lots of black and white photographs.

This book ranks up there with Danyluk's book The Super 70s comprehensive treatise on football in that decade as a collection of essays and photos that examines the 1980s but not as dry timeline fashion but an era's top teams, players, and games." 

It is not just full of stories about stars (one chapter is about Leon Bright) or triumphs (one chapter as about Chuck Muncie) which gives it more of a flavor of an era that was full of good things but stared down drug usage, PEDs, strikes, and other growing pains and emerged more popular than ever at the end of the decade.

This is an easy "recommend". 

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"About Tom Danyluk

Tom has been a pro football writer for over 30 years, starting at The Pitt News - the University of Pittsburgh's student newspaper - where he won the schools' first Outstanding Sports Columnist Award. He has been a member of the Pro Football Writers Assocation since 1987.

Tom joined Pro Football Weekly in 2004, where he was a feature columnist through 2013. At Pro Football Weekly, he won several PFWA writing awards, including "Best Column," the most coveted of the awards (2009)."

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