Monday, March 14, 2022

1965 UPI All-Rookie team

 By John Turney  
The 1965 All-Rookie team selected by UPI consisted of two Hall of Fame Bears, Gale Sayers and Dick Burkus, and Cowboys HOFer Bob Hayes and several other top-flight pros.

Here is the list—
United Press International NFL All-Rookie Team
WR Bob Hayes, Dallas
WR Jack Snow, L.A. Rams
TE Jerry Smith, Washington
OT Ralph Neely, Dallas
OT Bob Nichols, Pittsburgh
OG Jim Wilson, San Francisco
OG Don Croftcheck, Washington
OC Ed Flanagan, Detroit
QB Craig Morton, Dallas
HB Gale Sayers, Chicago
FB Ken Willard, San Francisco
DE Tim Powell, L.A. Rams
DE Roosevelt Davis, N.Y. Giants
DT Walter Johnson, Cleveland
DT Jerry Rush, Detroit
LB Dick Butkus, Chicago
LB Lonnie Warwick, Minnesota
LB Jack Chapple, San Francisco
CB Carl Lockhart, N.Y. Giants
CB Al Nelson, Philadelphia
S Obert Logan, Dallas
S Henry Carr, N.Y. Giants
P Frank Lambert, Pittsburgh
KOR Lance Rentzel, Minnesota
PR Roy Jefferson, Pittsburgh
PR Rickie Harris, Washington

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  1. ahhh, Spider Lockhart and Henry Carr....two of (coach) "Emlen's gremlins".....