Wednesday, March 30, 2022

1960 Pro Football Journal All-Rookie Team

 By John Turney and TJ Troup 
Gail Cogdill is the runaway Rookie of the Year, winning both The Sporting News and UPI awards and our Defensive Rookie of the Year pick is Maxie Baughan a starter on the World champion Eagles. Larry Wilson and Roger Brown also have terrific rookie campaigns as well. 

Jim Marshall looked very good at defensive end for the Browns showing a lot of speed and movement on film. Bobby Boyd picked off seven passes for the Colts starting his career off on a high note. 
Vince Promuto was as good a rookie guard as there was in the 1960s—he could flat-out block.  Roy Hoard and Jim Boeke won starting roles for the Rams and did reasonably well. 

The teams—


  1. Great rookie classes for Cleveland, LA and SF ...

  2. Tom Osborne! One of the greatest NCAA coaches of all-time. Not everyone knows that he played pro football. Didn't last long in the pros, but was an excellent all-around athlete.

  3. ....during '61 campaign film study shows Tom Osborne as a fundamentally sound receiver with the ability to catch the ball consistently. Years ago at Stovall's clinic in Anaheim Osborne spoke, and when finished stated "if anyone wanted to talk to him he would be right over there"....up in an instant, sharpie, legal pads, and formations drawn and ready, that kind knowledgeable gentleman explain how he would run the "counter" against my 4-4 Mater Dei defense, and how I could possibly adjust and defeat the play. That season we allowed only 52 yards a game rushing....God Bless ya Tom Osborne.

  4. Big fan of Carroll Dale, who I believe should be in the HOF.
    Surprised he hasnt made HOVG yet but with McGee and Dowler also deserving, tough to get in.

    Deserving Packer Receivers

    Dilweg -- HOF
    Howton -- HOF
    McGee -- HOVG
    Dowler -- HOVG-HOF
    Dale -- HOVG-HOF
    Sharpe -- HOF
    Driver -- HOVG(future eligible)
    Adams -- ??