Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Ephemeral with the Everlasting: The Art of Steve D. Sabol

By T.J. Troup
The enjoyable and often fascinating discussions with Steve Sabol concerning his background in art is the subject of today's post. The years of rumination on various and sundry topics came to life in his art. The French impressionistic painter Paul Cezanne has one of the quotes Steve and myself have used over the years: "All art is selected details".

When one absorbs the details in Steve's art you see what he was about. Each painting tells us about the culture captured with football as the centerpiece. So many tell a tale, yet for me "SPACE FLYER" is my favorite. The location of each of the characters in the painting and the subject matter strikes the strongest of chords.

"Space Flyer" Artwork: Steve Sabol

"Have You Ever Been Lonely?"  Art by Steve Sabol
The clever use of "Van Brocklin, Van Gogh, and Van Buren"
"Dutch Matters' By Steve Sabol

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