Friday, April 15, 2016

Sometimes the Powers That Be Make the Right Decision

By John Turney
"Clint" Murchison, Tom Landry and Tex Schramm holding two prototype Cowboys helmets
In 1964 the Cowboys changed their uniforms from this:

To this:

However, from the photo above, which is from the Dallas Morning News, February 6, 1964, it seems possible that the helmet could have been a boot, rather than the Texas star we are so familiar with.

The great folks are Helmet Hut recreated the "Boot" prototype (and H/T to them for discovering the photo and following up on it) and here it is:
Credit: Helmet Hut

Credit: Helmet Hut
That is a great, big Yikes. Hear, here! to Tex, Tom, and Clint. You made the right call in 1964.

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  1. The Cowboys' helmets from 1960-63 were white; your photos appear to show tham as silver.