Saturday, June 16, 2018

1976 New Orleans Saints Uniform Oddities

By John Turney
The NFL Films production of  Lost Treasures—Episode 13: Six Days to Sunday revealed some interesting behind the scenes things concerning mid-1970s NFL fashion.

One thing that was quite interesting was the coaches uniforms. We are not sure how many versions of this they had (nine possible if there was a white shirt). So maybe the late 1970s-early 1980s Pittsburgh Pirates were the only team with more.

 In the film we see a gold shirt with black and gold trim and white pants with black and gold trim:

  Here Hank Stram has the black top and gold pants with black and white trim:
  Here are several coaches in the black top and white trouser combination.

This is a distant shot but it's Stram in the gold over black combination:
There was also a black over black with some Pumas that have a gold stripe in the middle.

Additionally, the defensive line had a "Dynomite Defensive Line" trucker hat:

We've mentioned this before but here is kicker Rich Szaro's sawed mask, which is a Dungard 205 with the top bar removed. You can see the remnants of the top bar well in this piece.

Here is a wide Dungard 210 mask, not rare, but not that common either.

The players had nice workout tops with their uniform number in the yoke:

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