Monday, April 6, 2020

Rams New Logos and Marks

By John Turney

About two weeks ago (March 23rd) the Los Angeles Rams announced new colors, logos and wordmarks to mixed reactions. In our view the colors were well-received, the primary logo was panned and the secondary logo (Ram head) was in the middle somewhere.

However, it seems not all the logos and wordmarks were released publically, they were in a PDF file released to the media. In it there are iterations of the same designs using Navy blue rather than the "Ram Royal" announced as the new color (along with "Sol" a yellow/gold color" (meaning sun).

The Rams are calling the Navy "Heritage". Here are the colors as the Rams released them:
These colors are for use in clothing lines, we presume, blue hats/shirts, navy, white, yellow, black hats, etc.

Here are the new primary logos:

Rams Primary Mark, Rams Royal and Sol

Rams Primary Mark to be used on dark backgrounds

Rams primary mark, Heritage and Sol

Here are some backgrounds that the second primary mark would be used on, perhaps navy or Rams royal or black—

There was a Heritage and Sol "combo" logo as well along with the usual two one would expect—
Rams Royal and Sol
Rams Royal and Sol with white score for dark backgrounds

Heritage and Sol

Here is the combo logo on a variety of backgrounds—

The Secondary Mark (to us it's a logo) has for iterations—
The far left is a Rams Royal and white "two-color alternate"  second from the left is also an alternate (three-color) with no gradations in the horn. Second from the right is the Heritage and Sol version and to the far right is the Rams Royal and Sol five-color version we've already seen.

Additionally there is a one-color Sol version.

Here is the Secondary logo (five-color) on a variety of backgrounds—

Here are the wordmarks, none of them are navy, all are royal or yellow:

And there is one wordmark that was not released on the video but was in the PDF release to the media—

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