Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Viking 1969 Uniform Oddity—The Moving NFL-50 Patch

By John Turney
In 1969 all NFL teams wore the NFL-50 patch (above) left shoulders of their uniforms. The Vikings, however, because they switched to UCLA looks on their road uniforms wore the, below their TV numbers all season.

They also wore them below the TV numbers on their warm-weather mesh purple jerseys—
But for the home uniforms, they wore them on the shoulder, as most teams did—
Except for Carl Eller, who usually wore it properly—
But at least once wore his jersey backward and the NFL-50 patch was on his right shoulder—
In the1969 team photo Paul Krause did, too—
So, the Viking advance to the Super Bowl and were to wear the white roadies versus the AFL Champions the Kansas City Chiefs. So, after the Vikings wore them below the TV numbers the whole season when they got to the Super Bowl and the NFL said they had to be on the shoulder. 

So, on the Tuesday before the game the Viking seamstress moved them all to where the NFL wanted them.


  1. Love the minutiae you weed put and bring to light, JT@

  2. agree with there anyone in the world with such an eye for this kind of stuff? v-e-r-y cool...albiet, a tad a good way!

  3. Oh boy, crayon boy and "beefcake boy" taking one the serious issues of NFL uniform patches. LOL

  4. Its like a purple and yellow version of the browns uniforms.

  5. That’s it, it was those patches being moved, that’s why we played so poorly. I knew there was something different that day. Been aVikings fan since1969 and finally I have closure on that Super Bowl loss, now only 3 more to figure out.

  6. Great article, I love details like this and the photos are awesome too. Do you know the size of those NFL 50 patches? Thanks so much

  7. Look closely at the 1969 team photo. Paul Krause #22 has his jersey on backwards.

    1. aware-have joked about that with people on Twitter...wonder why he did that . . unaware or doing it as a joke