Monday, April 20, 2020

Patriots Reveal New Uniforms for the Third Time Since 1993

By John Turney
In 2016 the Patriots revealed their 'Color Rush' uniforms to be used on special occasions. Today they made them permanent and also revealed a white jersey to go with them and made the whole kit their primary uniforms. It was the third "reveal" since 1993.

Here is the 1993 reveal (a couple changes in this uniform followed)—

The 2000 reveal—

And today's reveal— 


  1. I miss the old ones from the 60s/70s ...

    Grogan was fun to watch and should have led them to a championship in the late 70s but couldnt get the job done in big games ...

    That 76 team, was won of the best non-champion teams, ever ...

  2. In 2000, they should have changed the helmet as well as the unis, going back to a Pat Patriot logo with a blue or red helmet (and get rid of the silver).