Sunday, February 6, 2022

Alternate Super Bowl MVPs

 By John Turney

The writers who voted on the Super Bowl MVP usually got it right. Usually. 

However, early on they focused on quarterbacks a bit too much. There have been some in which we think they erred. We offer an alternative in all the Super Bowls and why we think so. The highlighted ones are where we'd make the change if we could. Space meant lonely one per game, in some games there could have been a couple or a few alternate MVPs.

Also, not all of the alternate MVPs should supplant the actual winner as mentioned more often than not they picked the right guy.


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  1. Great job guys ...

    Kony Ealy for the Panthers in a losing cause against Denver in 2015/16 deserved MVP in my opinion ...

    Rod Smith had a great game for Denver in 1998/99 ...

    Despite a dominant defensive performance by the Ravens in 2000/01, with LB Sharper playing great as well, I also thought QB Dilfer had an excellent game ...

    DE Willie Davis had a great SB II ...

    John Sample played an inspired SB III as did Winston Hill ...

    Good call on Curtis in SB V but DE Roy Hilton had a great pass rush on Morton.

    I thought Plunkett played great in the 83/84 SB as well ...

  2. A Super Bowl Bust or Goat list would be interesting as well, though proud players wouldnt want to be reminded of bad games again, which is understandable.

    1. The first 20 Super Bowl busts/bad performances

      SB I ... Dawson/Mitchell KC
      SB II ... Shuh/Davidson Oak
      SB III ... Morrall/Balt
      SB IV ... Washington/Minn ... All-Pro with 1 nine yard catch ?
      SB V ... Morton/Dall see SB 12 as well.
      SB VI ... Griese/Buonticonti/Mia
      SB VII ... Kilmer/Wash
      SB VIII ... Tarkenton/Page/Minn
      SB IX ... Tarkenton/Minn
      SB X ... Staubach/Dall
      SB 11 ... Tarkenton/Marshall/ Minn
      SB 12 ... Denver off line, though Morton as well
      SB 13 ... Waters/Harris/Dall-
      too many big plays given up
      SB 14 ... Ram CB covering Stallworth, Perry ?
      SB 15 ... Jaworski/Philly
      SB 16 ...

      I might be a little harsh on the QBs because many teams play bad but if the offenses arent scoring points, they unfairly, get the blame.

      Some people will disagree on Dawson in the first SB because he played with some poise in the first half but his throwing was off the entire game with WR Burford making great catches for routine throws. Dawson put too much pressure on himself which showed in the second half ...

      Some people felt Fred "the hammer" Williamson embarrassed himself in this game but he actually played well, until getting knocked out in the closing minutes. Mitchell on the other side however, could not cover Dale or Dowler ...

    2. Message got cut off ...

      SB 16 ... Anderson/Cinc, yes he was valiant but redzone turnovers killed the Bengals
      SB 17 ... Woodley/Mia
      SB 18 ... Theismann/Wash
      SB 19 ... Duper/Mia, one 11 yrd catch ?
      SB 20 ... NE off line, 7 sacks given up and 7 yards on running plays ... yikes

      Didnt mean to be harsh because a lot of great players but not everyone can be great on Super Sunday ...

    3. Have to disagree with Super Bowl X. Staubach didn't do great. Especially in the last two minutes when he had a chance. But Mark Washington was the problem against Lynn Swann. And thanks for not picking on Jackie Smith in Super Bowl XIII. :)

  3. Another close call on an MVP of the SB was Jacoby Jones in the 2012/13 Raven win ... Scored two spectacular TDs on a reception and kick return to break the game open. If I am not mistaken another return helped set up a FG ?

  4. The most egregiously bad selection is Edelman in Superbowl 53. I don't give a you know what about 10 catches for 141 in the modern era where massive passing yards are a given. A defense holds a team to 3 points in the modern era and an offensive player gets MVP where his team only scores 13 points. Get real!

  5. Brady was deserving, getting almost four TD passes in the first half, with one being dropped ...

    Alternate ... Barrett on defense with a relentless pass rush ...

    Suh, David and White also played well along with Gronk and Fournette.

  6. Not sure about Roger Craig over Joe Montana in SB XIX. Montana played brilliantly after being second banana to Marino going into the game. He really controlled the action, and his running was what put SF's offense over the top. Montana had more rushing yards than Craig, and as many rushing TDs.

  7. Doug Williams and Timmy Smith both had incredible performances in Super Bowl 22. That could have been a co-MVP year.

  8. Bradshaw broke two of his SB wins open with his passing but also had three turnovers each game in 78/79.I agree that Swann and Stallworth should have been those MVPs, while Anderson on special teams also had a great 79/80 SB. Bradshaw was actually more efficient in his first two SB wins, though Harris and Swann deserved their MVPs.