Tuesday, February 15, 2022

T.J. Watt Moves Up in Total AP DPOY Votes

 By John Turney 
T.J. Watt

Since 1972 the Associated Press has been choosing a Defensive Player of the Year award by polling selected members of the press. Here is a chart showing who has received the most votes and in how many seasons. 

This is not a 'Win share' model in that some years have more voters than others but it does show that T.J. now has one award, has received a total of 72 votes in three seasons (ironically or coincidently he has 72 sacks). Pretty good for a guy who has played five seasons.

The chart—

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  1. Bryce Paup stands out as the lone member of the top 15 with a 0% chance to make the Hall. Such an odd year, a down year across the board for defensive standouts and Paup really swept a large voting pool. With the benefit of history I think Deion Sanders should have been the selection, but voters particularly back then weren't familiar with lockdown CB stats.