Sunday, February 13, 2022

These Men (and others) Helped Prepare You for Today's Game

By John Turney

  1. Pete Elliott, Streamlined HOF process
  2. Robert Riger, Photography, Art
  3. Walter Iooss, Photography
  4. Fred Gehrke, Logo on Helmet, painted forest Ram horn
  5. John Madden, coach, broadcaster, explained NFL to laymen
  6. Paul Zimmerman, writer, His "Thinking Man's Guide" books are a must
  7. Murray Olderman, writing, art, re-thought MVP and All-Pro awards.
  8. George Bartell, Art, did scores of familiar pieces
  9. Steve Sabol, Films
  10. Merv Corning, Art, did iconic watercolors (over 300) of NFL players
  11. Blair Buswell, Sculptor HOF Busts
  12. Joel Buschbaum-innovated draft and scouting analysis for the masses
  13. Seymour Siwoff, Stats, anything statistical in NFL, basically, began through him
  14. John Facenda, narration in MFL FIlms
  15. Sam Spence, Scord NFL Films
  16. Pete Rozelle—kept NFL together with challenges from AFL, WFL, USFL. NFL exploded under his watch

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