Friday, February 18, 2022

Chester and Darrell—Both Excellent, Both Gone Too Soon

By John Turney 
Chester McGlockton (left) and Darrell Russell (right)
Sometimes we play a game of "what if" and pick out a situation and wonder what could have happened in history if just one or two things had been different.

From 1993 through 1997 Chester McGlockton was a beast—making All-Pro twice, Second-team once and was voted to four Pro Bowls. He averaged 64 tackles, 11 stuffs (tackles for loss,) and 7½ sacks. Darrell Russell in 1998-99 was All-Pro both seasons and averaged 55 tackles, 9.5 stuffs, and 10 sacks. 

Imagine if they had played more than just 1997 together—if Chester would have stayed motivated and been from 1998 to say, 2003, as he was from 1993-97. What a tandem they could have been.

But as fate had it, both careers were not fulfilled and in a sad irony both passed away too soon—McGlockton through illness and Russell in a vehicle accident.

Both, at their peaks, were great players, McGlockton was immovable and Russell was a 6-5,325 athletic player and would have been a perfect complement to McGlockton in our view.

Of course, cap space would have something to say about them playing together but in our little game of what if, we see them as a couple of monsters inside. Both had their demons but both has tremendous talent and when right were every bit All-Pro players. 

Are we wrong? 

Here are their stats—

Chester McGlockton 
First-team All-Pro—1994-95
Second-team All-Pro—1996
 Pro Bowl—1994-97

Darrell Russell
First-team All-Pro—1998-99
Pro Bowl—1998-99


  1. Maybe injuries played a factor but McClockton was on his way to a HOF case ... until joining the Chiefs as a free agent. A big payday may have taken away some of his drive unless he had other factors like injuries.