Sunday, June 6, 2021

The 21st Century Team (So Far)

By John Turney 

We are twenty years into this new century, enough to take a look back at the top players of that era, essentially not an All-Decade team but an All-Two-Decade Team, if you will.

There were some close calls at some positions which we've noted. 

These are the base offense and defense. On third down Kyle Jusczczyk goes out and Welker would come in.

On defense, nose tackle Wilfork would go out in nickel and Woodson would play slot with Miller playing the left edge and Watt sinking to play inside. Woodson could also play the "money backer" spot that we see so often today—the hybrid safety/linebacker position if we wanted to stay in sub all the time. 


  1. You didn't want Pat Williams at the nose position?

  2. Great team ...

    Some close calls. I might have taken Ware over Miller on the edge and its also hard to leave off Freeney as a pass rusher, though he wasnt great against the run. Watt is great but has missed alot of time but more of an all-around player.

    I think had Peterson not had the child abuse charges, he could have done more as a runner but you cannot deny Tomlinson as a scorer and receiver.

    There is no denying Fitzgerald and his hands but I would take Steve Smith over him slightly, due to his special teams prowess as well. The guy was as ornery as a wolverine.

    Gronk is a great player no doubt, but I still believe Witten was more consistent overall but the TDs and championships make it super close and I can understand the GOAT designation, though I prefer Casper in an era when Tight Ends got hit more ... haha

    Tucker may be a better kicker but I still go with Vinitiari and his championship kicks ...

    Ray Lewis deserves to be on this team as well because I think he was better than Kuechley, though declining at the end. Wagner and Willis were great as well.

    Though I like Ogden over Peters, Peters has played longer over the timeframe. Is Martin at guard that much better than Yanda or Mankins ?

  3. Yeah its tricky to say how much actual playing time in the 2000s affect the choices. For Ogden is playing 8 years enough? I think he was better than both of the tackles actually picked.

  4. I would of had AP on here. And then definitely Pat Pete over Sherman. I'd also take Peyton over Brady but understand most feel differently. Great list tho. Also now thinking I might need Yanda at guard.

  5. tony gonzales played at a high level with average qbs in kc and then he finally got with matty ice . put up numbers well after his 30's , simply put he is the jerry rice of the tight ends . Gronks a bad boy but after age 28 gronk taking off the 2019 season hasnt been the same tight end . gonzo from age 30-37 7 pro bowl nods and 2 1st team all pro nods , gonzo got better as he got older , gronk is the earl campbell of tight ends . so i put him ahead of gronk . if gronl had gonzos qbs in kc would this even be a conversation ? take gonzo with brady for 10 years , CASE CLOSED !!!