Sunday, May 29, 2016

The 1980s Had Some Great Posters. But Not Always

By John Turney

This one, by today's standards is a bit cringe-worthy. It's the Kansas City Chiefs defense donning headdresses and Warpaint. It was done to raid money for the Heart of American Indian Center in Kansas City a wonderfully worthy cause. However, that does not always mean much to certain critics. But, at the time it was approved by Team NFL, part of NFL Properties, so go figure.

Click on photo to enlarge

Featured are Lloyd Burress (Yellow Elk), Dino Hackett (White Eagle), Leonard Griffin (Fear Lance), Derrick Thomas, Neil Smith, Kevin Ross (Red Cloud), Deron Cherry (Crazy Wolf), Jayice Pearson, Bill Maas (Tall Arrow), Tracy Simeon, Kevin Porter, Dan Saleaumua (Buffalo Crunch), and Albert Lewis. [We cannot make out all the Native names assigned to the players. If anyone has better eyes, let us know]


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