Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Colorization of the Day

By John Turney

December 26, 1943. Bronko Nagurski comes back after a five-year retirement for the 1943 season and helps deliver an NFL Championship to the Windy City. Geroge Halas, in Army uniform, congratulates Nagurski and Luckman.
George Halas, Bronco Nagurski and Sid Luckman

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  1. Hello John. I've really enjoy the work you have done with colorizing all of these photos. However, there are few small errors with this one. First, Halas served in the Navy, not the Army. The uniform he is wearing is a Naval Aviator Winter Uniform. The jacket color is correct, but the shirt color needs to be changed from light green to khaki. Again, thanks for all the cool photos you've colorized, I just wanted to point out the small mistakes with this one.