Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Carlos Hyde's Touchdown Run Versus Rams

By John Turney

On Friday, September 10th, Rams Defensive coordinator Gregg Williams told the press, "(Y)ou take a look at how many teams we’re going to play this year that’s going to play two backs in the backfield against us. Not very many people like doing that against us.

Take a look at how many times we’re going to play three linebackers this entire season. We’re going to play (Lamarcus (Joyner), we’re going to play another safety, another corner, another player in those areas that a linebacker plays."

Here is one example of where Williams did just that. Video from NFL Replay All-22

There are also a few screencaps below.

The Situation:
The play before Joyner stopped the running back for a one-yard loss.
1-10-LA 10 (4:02) (No Huddle, Shotgun) S.Draughn up the middle to LA 11 for -1 yards (L.Joyner).

So, it was 2nd and 11:
2-11-LA 11 (3:30) (No Huddle, Shotgun) C.Hyde up the middle for 11 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

The Rams starting nose/shade tackle was out and his backup, Cam Thomas, was in. The 49ers were in 12 personnel (1 running back, 2 tight ends). The Rams countered with their nickel but with Joyner in an "area that a linebacker players". The WILL is Mark Barron, a converted safety and the MIKE is Alec Ogletree, a converted outside linebacker.

The 49ers double the shade tackle, Thomas, and turn him with the left tackle #74 Staley then releasing to block Ogletree. The end of the line tight end brushes the left DE then goes out to meet Joyner (#20).  The 49ers double Aaron Donald with the center and right tackle and as the tight end released to get after Joyner the right tackle stays with Donald and the center goes after the LDE who the TE had chipped.

The 2nd tight end and the right guard are pulling, the guard taking the RDE and the TE the WILL in the offside B gap.

NFL Replay
 The double team blockers come off to the second level
NFL Replay
 And they block all of the second level players. If you watch the above clip, the pulling tight end takes Barron (#26) almost to the numbers with a pancake block.
NFL Replay
Williams will likely be successful in his scheme, he usually is and the Monday night debacle for the Rams is likely an anomaly for the defense, but if they are going to play with such small players who are new at their positions, they will have to do better than this at shedding blocks and making tackles. They have shown they can run and hit, but when the opponent uses base offense and run power football at them, the smallish linebackers also have to stack and shed and then tackle.

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